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Mental Health by the Numbers and Appointment Policies

references 3-11 below included on the bottom of the page.

references 3-11 below included on the bottom of the page.

Appointment Policies

Our mission is to provide integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive behavioral care with custom treatment plans to enable you to achieve the best outcomes. We are one of the very few clinics in the city accepting all types of insurances and building a model providing behavioral care reimbursed by insurance. Texas is ranked 43rd in the nation for access to Behavioral Health (1). We are trying to fix it, but we cannot fix it without your help. All it takes to help change access is showing up or letting us know in advance if you are not able to make it.

We have strict policies enabling patients at Ikare to gain access to treatment plans based on robust research and the best evidence available. If you do not show up for your appointment, you are taking an appointment off the schedule for one of the thousands of patients waiting to receive access to this unique opportunity of high quality care reimbursed by insurance. The existing insurance model does not provide a reimbursement for missed appointments, if this ever changes then we will change the strict policies in place at iKare. Until that day, we will require a credit card on file and will require the cost of appointments to be billed back to patients for any no show or late reschedule.

NO show & Late Reschedule policy

If you reschedule less than seven calendar days prior to the appoint or do not show up for your appointment, you will be billed. For all services, we require a payment method to be on file with iKare. We accept all major credit cards and ACH banking information. The following no-show and late reschedule policy is in effect as of 1/01/2019. If two appointments are missed without a timely rescheduling and late fees being paid, we reserve the right to discharge you from the clinic per protocols established in the office to make certain you have other options and medications while you find another provider. Every day we receive letters of thanks at iKare from patients whose lives have been changed or saved through their efforts and with our treatment plans. Our goal is to receive one of these letters from you, which is why our no-show policy is based on the best available research. Patients with behavioral-health conditions who miss more than two appointments per year had an eight times greater risk of mortality during the follow-up period compared with those who missed no appointments (2). All unpaid no-show and late rescheduling fees are subject to being sent to collections. All iKare appointments are treated equally.

We can change access and how care is delivered, but we cannot do it without your help. Thank you in advance from everyone at iKare! We work tirelessly every day to provide you the best quality of care. We cannot wait to see you in the clinic (or online)! Thank you for communicating and helping others gain access to care .

Call 1-844-312-9422, email appointments@ikare.io, or fill out the form below for any changes you need to make to your appointment.



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