Custom calibration of mental health solutions


iKare increases access to evidence-based, comprehensive, integrated and coordinated, high-quality behavioral health services to improve mental health outcomes by leveraging a multidisciplinary team, modern clinical sites and its telepsychiatry platform to create an optimal experience.

iKare has pioneered a mental health solution taking a whole person approach to care by integrating cutting edge technologies while operating with a customer first and integrated provider approach.

Before Ikare, I always felt like I was drowning. Ikare helped me learn how to ride the waves.
— Shelley W.
Everybody knows somebody, and it could be anybody. In this case the anybody was me. Ikare changed my life when I thought it was gone for good.
— Sam L.
I feel that I have progressed tremendously with the help of Ikare. I know I have ways to go but I feel confident and thankful to God that with the help of Ikare I will get there some day.
— Jose R. Ret. Marine Corps Veteran
I wanted to thank ya’ll. Ketamine has given me my life back and allowed me to work towards my dreams I had long ago given up on.
— Stefanee S.
I was exhausted and felt hopeless until I found Ikare. Ikare gave me another chance to live the life I always wanted.
— Bonnie A.